We are aware that in the advanced stages of dementia – Alzheimer’s – the decision about caring can be confusing, complicated, and frustrating among family members. It is best to gather the necessary information through experts in the field, and thereby make the best decision. The most important thing is to provide the loved one with the necessary care for their daily lives, and with it, achieve an adequate Quality of Life. But when the needs that the loved one requires daily surpass the help that is provided at home, a community of assistance in daily living can be a great choice for both the caregiver and the patient.

At ALICE, we focus on Elderly Care with Alzheimer’s, Dementia, and other memory problems. We have facilities designed specifically for the care and service of the resident with dementia. In our Memory Care Area, we have a Professional and Multidisciplinary Team who are in charge of the care and assistance of our residents during the 24 hours of the day. A team that works under the Medical Gerontology coordination, and based on specific guidelines and protocols for patients with dementia.

At ALICE we have an Assisted Living – Memory Care program where all the daily activities and the work of our team are directed and focused on preserving the dignity and quality of life of our residents. Aware that in the final stages of dementia-Alzheimer’s the ability to express themselves with words is lost, in ALICE we encourage the use of all the senses as different forms of expression.

In ALICE, through a human treatment, each member of the staff from their respective areas of expertise, are responsible for creating a family environment, encouraging each of our residents to maintain their autonomy as much as possible and jointly achieve a better life quality.