Why Choose Baja California for retirement?

Baja California, located geographically in a privileged way between the impressive Sea of Cortez (Aquarium of the World) on the East and West bathed by the Pacific Ocean. It also has the most visited border in the world, to the North it borders Southern California, USA (SoCal Area) and a few kilometers with Arizona (USA). The climate of Baja California is privileged, and specifically in Tijuana, it has a dry Mediterranean climate, with template temperatures most of the year, and during the winter a rainy cold although with an average of 40mm of rain during the season.

In recent years, due to the geographic proximity of Baja California with the United States, an enviable BiNacional business atmosphere has developed worldwide, with the establishment of the so-called Mega Cali-Baja Region (San Diego and Imperial in California, USA with Baja California, Mexico) offering the best of 2 worlds with immediate access to markets in North America and the Pacific Coast.

Tijuana, with its Border to the United States, offers a wide range of possibilities, driving the promotion of foreign Health Tourism to this region due to the wide variety of medical services of excellent quality and certified, at a lower cost for the Same services compared in USA.