Among the services we offer in ALICE, under the direction of Dr Eugenio Carrasco IV, we start the day with the care and assistance to the residents for the development of their activities of daily living. The health status of our residents is monitored daily, under a hospital-type scheme, which includes the taking of vital signs by shift and the administration of daily medications under the scheme established by your treating physician. All within a special care unit.

These activities are carried out through a team of Nursing and Caregivers focused on the gerontological area and coordinated by a Head of Nursing. At ALICE we know that nutrition plays an important role in the health status of residents, so our Nutrition team is who establishes the type of diet for each of the residents from their income, based on their requirements and needs.

All the food and Snacks of the day are prepared by the kitchen department under the coordination of a Professional Chef and his assistants, which in addition to balanced, preserve the season of Home and always with fresh products and the highest quality. In addition, being a special care unit focused on an elderly person with Alzheimer’s or some other dementia, we have a professional team ready to develop daily a program of activities and exercises that stimulate and help the resident to respond to their environment, as well as those who Will help you maintain and increase the flexibility and mobility of your body for longer.

Assistance in activities of the daily living

  • Food Assistance. Diets and foods under the coordination of our Geriatric Nutrition service
  • Assistance in personal and bathroom care Sponge control assistance
  • Assistance in personal mobility sleep and rest
  • Assistance and surveillance in medication administration
  • Daily monitoring of vital signs
  • Coordination in Medical Appointments, with appointments at Home 24/7
  • Daily monitoring of vital signs 
  • Emergency Service 24/7

Floor plans:

  • Premiun Shared 


  • Single Room