How do you know if an Senior Community in your daily living is an option for your loved one?

1.- Does the need for daily care required by your loved one have exceeded the support provided by the family or the current caregiver?

2.- Does your loved one feel lonely or abandoned at home, and are you concerned about their safety?

3.- Do you present a physical disability or the home environment is not appropriate and has become dangerous?

4.- Have you noticed an advanced deterioration in spite of the efforts you or your caregiver gives you at home?

5.- Do you feel tired, irritable, sleep disturbed, isolated and lost interest in activities that you used to enjoy?

6.- Have you thought about hurting yourself or your loved one?

7.- Does your loved one have recurring infections, skin lesions, and have you noticed weight loss in the last few weeks?

If you have answered “YES” to one of these questions, a living assistance community can be an effective support option for you and your loved one. A place where a professional and multidisciplinary team will obtain 24-hour assistance for the development of activities of daily living, specialized care and medical monitoring, with surveillance of daily vital signs, as well as a pleasant environment designed to be Easily navigated by residents with some type of Alzheimer’s dementia.